How Kenneth Created A $50,000 Per Month Coaching Business

Customer Name: Kenneth Jensen
Location: Denmark
Do you find yourself feeling like you’re doing everything in your business by yourself and not getting anywhere?In this video, Kenneth joins me to go over how he took his personal training business from earning only $5K in 2.5 years to earning $50,000 per month!Kenneth’s biggest problem was not having the blueprint for how to get his business off the ground and make the correct offer to his audience.He told me, “I know the gold is there, but I need the shovel to get it up.”

Once Kenneth was able to get his mindset right and transform his business from a done-for-you program to an educational program, things really took off…

In this video, Kenneth and I are going to cover:

  • What Kenneth did to transform his business from a logistical nightmare to a booming successful training program
  • Why switching from a monthly subscription program to a high-ticket offer drastically changed his revenue (and captured better clients!)
  • AND… why having a team that you trust makes all the difference in your business and your peace of mind!